Turn Your Hotel Room Into a Healthy Retreat

by admin on April 29, 2013

Submitted by Cole Millen, April 2013

You spent months dieting and working out, just to get into shape for your vacation. Why ruin all that hard work by packing on the pounds with junk food and high calorie snacks? There’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself with some great meals while on vacation, but you can make up for the extra calories by using your hotel room as a healthy base of operations.

The mini bar in your room can be your friend, but not in the way management would like it to be. Take everything out of the mini bar and you’re left with a small refrigerator, just the right size for stocking up on healthy treats. Keep those mini bar snacks in a bag and replace them at the end of your stay.

When it comes to restaurant meals, breakfast is the least glamorous. It won’t be a hardship to give these up and substitute healthy food in your room. Find a grocery store and stock up on whole grain bagels, yogurt, fruit and juice or milk. You’ll avoid hundreds of calories of greasy food and, as an added bonus, get to relax in your pajamas while having breakfast. That’s a real vacation.

Convenience foods fill every grocery store now. While you might never buy them while at home, these foods are a healthy traveler’s best friend. Stock up on individual salads, pre-cut fruit and veggie pieces, packets of dressing and dip and pre-cooked chicken strips.

Turn the top of your dresser into a pantry and food preparation surface. There’s plenty of room for bagels and English muffins, paper plates and bowls and a coffee cup to hold your condiment packets. Move the coffee maker to this area if it’s, like in many hotels, in the bathroom. With the numerous soups and hot drinks you can buy that just call for hot water, the coffee machine will come in handy almost every day, even if you never brew a cup.

All the good intentions in the world won’t do you any good unless you plan to stay somewhere that’s health-friendly. I have found that reading reviews is the best way to determine how likely a hotel is to cater to your healthy needs. I was recently searching for reviews and found a great site that listed hotels in Las Vegas with reviews regarding everything from restaurants to amenities. This type of information can be extremely helpful. Go online and search room views for your hotel to make sure it has a mini fridge or large mini bar to hold your food. Opt for over-sized dressers with lots of surface space. Find places to stay near grocery stores and farmer’s markets for convenience in making healthy meal choices.

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself while on vacation. By all means, make reservations at that special restaurant you’ve been hearing about. Indulge in local cuisine you’ll never find at home. But keep indulgences like this as a treat, not an all-day habit. If breakfast in your hotel room is every bit as tasty and satisfying as one in a restaurant, why spend the extra money on a meal that will pack on hundreds of unwanted calories and tons of unhealthy fat? Plan for a couple of special meals while away from home, and eat the rest in your hotel room for healthier choices.



Positive vs. Negative Attitudes

by admin on March 5, 2013

Take a second to think about this one.  How many people do you know on a day to day basis, or even a week to week basis.  You may interact with him or her in a store, or in the office.  Ever realize that out of all these people, friends or acquaintances, you can probably count on both hands and even include your toes (which hopefully are readily available), all the ones who’s feet, toes or even ankles you’ve never seen before?  In places I go to day after day, I see many of these people.  On the same token, and ironically, most of these people have never once seen me in any kind of footwear.  There has been very little negative response, in fact quite a lot of positive.  One guy who I see sometimes in a coffee shop came over to me to tell me he saw me on a run in Prospect Park and could not help but get a shot of me.

Initially when I go to a new place, I try to be a litte under the radar with my feet out of the possibility that an employee would come over and disrupt my train of thought by asking me if I have shoes with me.  Summer, a time when feet and toes are clearly is really the ideal time to frequent a new venue.   Winter time, when everyone else gets into their shoes and socks, that is when both the employees and regulars realize that I had never worn footwear from the day I set my bare sole into the joint.  The great thing about it is, that by then they realize that I am a good customer who just prefers to go barefoot.

This was the case with one venue I had been going to one venue over in Williamsburg to do some work.  Once winter came and my bare feet stood out, one manager started growing concerned and was worried that the Health Department might get after him.  I told him not to worry, there is actually no such health code regulation.  Though he said he would feel more comfortable if I wore shoes, he left it alone, especially after realizing that I had no shoes with me.

A female barrista works there most days as well and always greets me with a cheery smile, always sees my feet in plain view.  Since she had seen me from the summer, I had wondered if she ever noticed that my feet were bare.  While in line that day, someone next to me looked down and said, “That’s amazing, even in this weather?”  The barrista knew immediately and asked me if my feet were really hard and some other questions, mostly in fascination.  I do enjoy talking about how my soles are like leather.

Though alot people find the idea of going barefoot in the city in the middle of the winter awesome, which it is, you get the same negation – “I can never do that…” “it’s just too cold….”

I belong to a gym with several branches, some which are extremely barefoot friendly and some which are not.  In addition, I beling to a local one, if I cannot get to the one of choice, where I pay a small monthly rate.  A couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t make it to the one of my choice, so I went to the local one, which I had joined recently, to get in a quick workout.

At first all went well.  After about a half hour on the elliptical, I went into the exercise room to do some weights.  A woman who was doing some stretches looked at me and said, “you should put on some shoes.”  I told her that I was doing some stretches and needed to be barefoot, but she that did not go well with her.  She began to express that she was uncomfortable, so I offered to go further away from her.  She persisted in expressing that it was disgusting while I ignored her while watching out of the corner of my eye at her expression.  Finally after about a minute she put her weights down and stormed out of the room.

Now I knew exactly where she was going and I knew the management’s reaction would not be, “now no one should be allowed to work out with such a disgusting person,” with the lady looking self-satisfied at me, but then that smug expression soon to change to shock when the manager continues, “now lady, please go to your locker, get your things and please leave this facility!”  Yeah that would be great, but judging from past experience, I knew that what would soon happen was the issuance of explicit instructions to all employees to keep an eye out at the door for the soon to be the “barefoot-persona-non-grata”.  And no way did I want to give the irate customer the satisfaction, so while she was gone, I simply slipped out the door, got into the shower and left the gym.  What would likely happen in turn was that the management would be annoyed at the irate douchebag who dragged them up the stairs to flag down the barefoot culprit.   Though I would have liked to finish my workout, I saved myself the trouble of being recognized by face of being the unreasonable barefoot customer, allowing me to slip into one of the private rooms barefoot where I can do my tailored workout from beginning to end.  Though not ideal, it works as a good fallback place for times when I’m pressed for time.


Keep em bare



January 10, 2013

Back in the summer of 1999, when first learning about the SBL – Society for Barefoot Living (called back then the DSS – Dirty Soles Society), I resolved to live my life as a barefoot one, despite the strange looks and questions.   Over the past 14 years through Social Media earthing, barefoot running, and […]

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Opening Doors with Your Bare Feet

December 24, 2012

Whenever people comment about how I need shoes, or ask, “how can you do that?” I often respond by telling them how much they are missing out.  When I wear shoes, I feel like I am truly missing out on the feel.  Cold surfaces are truly a joy, mud, cool grass, and even snow!  When […]

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Barefoot Acceptance and Recognition

December 23, 2012

Wow! so much has happened in the 3 months since I last posted.  That was when the weather weather still warm, and the summer did not seem to end.   It is like those summers you spent as a child. That last day of the long school year in the bleak classrooms with the teacher […]

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The Official End of Summer

October 12, 2012

I knew it was here, but it really hit me earlier today as I pulled over on my bike to jump onto a long distance skype call at a neighborhood coffee shop.  A week ago may have seemed different, but now it was as such.  From behind the counter the barrista greeted me as he […]

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Summer Is Over? Or Is It?

September 15, 2012

It’s interesting how right after Labor Day people start going around, almost like doomsday announcing that summer has officially ended.  Has it? Or even unofficially? I think the picture on the left should be able to testify as well as the below right. Though we still live in a shod society, I find it has […]

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A Welcome Reversal – Bare feet Allowed but please, no shoes on the table

September 7, 2012

As an avid barefooter, you know of this scenario.  You go into a venue, barefoot, order your drink, coffee or beer or whatever suits your fancy.  You don’t want to draw too much attention, just in case someone, irate customer or staff member may ruin things for you.  Walking at a casual, not too fast, […]

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The Barefoot Radar

August 21, 2012

It’s awesome!  The summer that is, for it is a time when bare feet are an everyday sight.  And more than ever, foot decorations are as diverse as the hundreds of different style footwear put out by the shoe manufacturers.  An endless sea of unshod feet – plain and painted toes, ankle bracelets, toe rings […]

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Barefoot Friendliness and Other Attitudes

August 8, 2012

I got to see something for the first time, which I found to be a breath of fresh air while staying out on the Jersey Shore, while in a coffee shop.  One of the managers, after just having finished his shift, was getting ready for the beach and walking freely about the venue barefoot.  He […]

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